The Emotions Tied to Realising You Are Pregnant

A Whole New World, From Mum and Dad – Giving Birth

The Emotions Tied to Realising You Are Pregnant


Every pregnancy is different, just like every child is different, but the emotions a woman feels when she finds out she is pregnant – especially for the first time – can be very similar.

If you find out you are pregnant by using a home pregnancy test you might be in doubt. Even if you had been planning for this big event, shock is very natural. With shock comes uncertainty and the need to know for sure. So the next step is a visit to the doctor for a blood test if it is too early for a scan to pick up on the pregnancy. Once the doctor confirms it, the shock may still be there, together with a thousand thoughts.

Before that first kick, your body may not show any signs of being pregnant and that may bring about even more thoughts and uncertainties. You will wonder what you should eat, how you should sleep, if you can still exercise and be intimate. All these thoughts are very natural if you have never been pregnant before, and your gynaecologist will answer all your questions and help to put your mind at ease.

Once you have read up on pregnancy, spoken to your doctor and started to tell family members, the notion that you have made a human being will hit you. You have a life growing inside you, and you realise you are part of the miracle of life. You may still worry about doing everything right, but you also feel excitement, gratitude and happiness. You are at the beginning of this nine-month journey, every week will bring with it a fantastic mild stone and every mild stone will bring you closer and closer to becoming a mum and meeting your child.

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