A Whole New World, From Mum and Dad – Giving Birth

The Emotions Tied to Realising You Are Pregnant
The First Month of Pregnancy

A Whole New World, From Mum and Dad – Giving Birth

A few minutes after the birth

Child birth has always been appreciated for the strength of the mother and the miracle of life that comes to be during those minutes or hours. But as the medical world and science advances, the ways in which a child is born also takes into consideration the health of the baby, as well as the comfort, ease and health of the mother. If the woman is expecting a baby for the first time, she may also fear the unknown, have many questions and need support.
Most doctors will agree that natural childbirth is the preferable option – it is the way that nature intended it after all. No two births are the same and every mother has her own unique experience, but to help things go as smoothly as possible, many expecting parents go to special childbirth classes. These classes may include education on the natural childbirth process, along with demonstrations to show participants what to expect and so they may understand the process better. Practicing breathing and knowing exercises to relieve the pain can also be learnt and practiced.
Knowing what to expect and trusting your maternity team are what will give the parents to be confidence that mother and baby will have a pleasant experience and they will be healthy. From there, mum and dad have their bundle of joy and there is a new member of the family for everyone to fall in love with.

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